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Tyler Bate is a 22 year old professional wrestler from Dudley, England. After wrestling for independent wrestling promotions throughout the UK and Europe, Tyler rose to fame on a global level when he won the tournament to crown WWE’s inaugural United Kingdom Championship in January 2017.

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In June 2018, WWE launched their newest developmental brand WWE NXT UK. With episodes filming in July, August and September, stay tuned for details on when the show will air.

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WWE Worlds Collide Results – April 17
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Tyler Bate def. The Brian Kendrick

It was a battle of youth versus experience as 22-year-old Tyler Bate collided with 20-year veteran The Brian Kendrick. The match opened with a respectful handshake, but by the time Kendrick resorted to an illegal eye poke, it became clear that Bate would have to fight fire with fire if he hoped to keep up with the sage former Cruiserweight Champion.

Luckily, Textbook Tyler is a fast learner. Bate gave Kendrick a taste of his own medicine, poking Kendrick’s eyes when the opportunity presented itself. Yet, it took much more than blurry vision to put away The Man with a Plan. Kendrick thwarted Bate’s first two attempts at hitting the Tyler Driver ’97, and as the action intensified, he clamped on the Captain’s Hook.

The Big Strong Boi muscled out of Kendrick’s signature hold and set off a rapid-fire exchange of strikes that culminated with a rebound clothesline by the NXT UK Superstar. Refusing to let Kendrick recover, Bate acted quickly, packing The Man with a Plan into a ball and finally dropping him with the Tyler Driver ’97 for the win.

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WWE NXT UK – April 17
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It was announced that next week from New York, Moustache Mountain will face off against Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews in a Tag team match.

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WWE NXT UK – April 10
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Radzi interviewed Moustache Mountain about traveling to New York for Wrestlemania.

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WWE NXT UK – March 20
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Tyler Bate def. James Drake

With the NXT UK Tag Team Championship very much on the mind of Moustache Mountain, NXT UK General Manager Johnny Saint granted Tyler Bate a one-on-one showdown against one-half of the Grizzled Young Veterans, James Drake.
The first-ever WWE United Kingdom Champion triumphed over the tenacious titleholder with a beautiful corkscrew senton off the top rope.
The victory sends a strong signal that Bate & Trent Seven are still a serious threat to NXT Tag Team Titles, and it may not be long before the WWE Universe sees a TakeOver: Blackpool championship rematch.  

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Scrappermania 5 Results
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Over The Top Wrestling held their Scrappermania 5 event in Dublin.

Click below to read the results.

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Video: Don’t count out Moustache Mountain
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“The Big Strong Bois” may have come up short against The Forgotten Sons in the Dusty Classic Semifinals, but they know what it takes to rebound from a setback.

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WWE NXT – March 13
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Forgotten Sons def. Moustache Mountain in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Semifinals

The slick teamwork of Moustache Mountain pushed Tyler Bate & Trent Seven to the brink of victory against Steve Cutler & Wesley Blake, but it wasn’t enough to nullify the ferocious presence of Jaxson Ryker.
The Forgotten Sons’ “heavy hitter” disrupted the Semifinal Match as the back-and-forth battle entered the home stretch. By that point, Seven had already survived a prolonged attack on his knee and tagged in “Textbook” Tyler, whose insane power and athleticism turned the tide in Moustache Mountain’s favor. Bate & Seven felled Wesley Blake with their trusty rebound punch/Dragon suplex combination and went for the pin, but Ryker sneakily draped Blake’s foot over the bottom rope, forcing a rope break.
Moments later, “The Big Strong Bois” set up Cutler for another one of their signature double-team moves — the Burning Hammer/knee drop combo — but Blake shoved Bate to the floor, where Ryker walloped him with a vicious blow. The menacing Superstar then rolled Bate into the ring, leaving him easy prey for Blake & Cutler, who devoured him with a tandem inverted DDT/stomp for the three-count and passage into the 2019 Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Final.

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WWE NXT UK – March 13
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In a selfie interview, Moustache Mountain let the NXT UK Universe know that they are focusing on both the Dusty Classic and getting their rematch against the Grizzled Young Veterans for the NXT UK Tag Team Championships. Tyler said he was asking Johnny Saint for a singles match against James Drake.

Later in the show, Sid Scala and Johnny Saint announced that Tyler will face James Drake on next weeks show.

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NXT Preview – March 13
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Will “The Big Strong Bois” overcome “The Savages of NXT?”

Trent Seven & Tyler Bate bested Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins in an exhilarating matchup during last week’s first-round bout. However, the battle-tested duo will face as tough a challenge as they’ve seen when they step up against the brute and grizzled force of Steve Cutler & Wesley Blake.
Constantly operating with a chip on their shoulders, The Forgotten Sons have earned a reputation for leaving wreckage whenever they step into a ring. That much was certain during their chaotic First-Round Match against Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch, which culminated in Cutler & Blake unloading a cache of punishing tandem offense that left their opponents sprawled across the canvas. Do Moustache Mountain have what it takes to bypass the threat of Cutler & Blake and advance to the next round of the Dusty Classic? Or will The Forgotten Sons make this another successful Do Unto Others tour stop?
Find out this Wednesday at 8/7 C, only on WWE Network.

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