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Tyler Bate is a 22 year old professional wrestler from Dudley, England. After wrestling for independent wrestling promotions throughout the UK and Europe, Tyler rose to fame on a global level when he won the tournament to crown WWE’s inaugural United Kingdom Championship in January 2017.

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In June 2018, WWE launched their newest developmental brand WWE NXT UK. With episodes filming in July, August and September, stay tuned for details on when the show will air.

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WWE NXT UK – August 21
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Imperium’s Fabian Aichner & Marcel Barthel were both taken completely out of the equation in a mysterious backstage attack early in this week’s episode. Though the identity of the attacker remained unknown for most of the night, the picture soon came into focus. Just moments after WWE United Kingdom Champion WALTER was scheduled to stand face-to-face with his TakeOver challenger Tyler Bate, Trent Seven suddenly emerged from the crowd in street clothes, indicating that he was most likely the person behind the payback.

An irate WALTER responded by darting to the ring to confront him, but when Alexander Wolfe tried to follow the lead of The Ring General, Tyler Bate suddenly cut him off at the pass with a steel chair. Bate’s interception kicked off a two-on-one assault of pure retribution by The Big Strong Bois on WALTER in the center of the ring.

Then, as Seven returned his attention to Wolfe, Bate miraculously hoisted WALTER up and executed a stunning Tyler Driver on the titleholder before holding the U.K. Title high above his head.

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WWE NXT UK – August 14
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After a challenge from WALTER, a face off was announced for next week.

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NXT TakeOver: Toronto
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Tyler Bate & WALTER were shown in the crowd during NXT TakeOver: Toronto to promote their match at NXT UK Takeover: Cardiff

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WWE NXT UK – August 7
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Tyler was interviewed about Walter and his match at TakeOver Cardiff.

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TakeOver: Cardiff Preview
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Who can stop Imperium? That’s the question echoing through every corner of the NXT UK Universe. The answer just might be first-ever WWE United Kingdom Tyler Bate when he battles WALTER for his illustrations title and the very future of the rising brand.

The deadly faction combines the forces of WALTER, Fabian Aichner, Marcel Barthel and Alexander Wolfe, and the quartet is dead-set on reigning over NXT UK and purifying the very mat that they consider sacred.

In the course of that quest, the dominant foursome took advantage of Pete Dunne’s absence and unleashed a brutal assault on Moustache Mountain that put Tyler Bate out of action.

One week after WALTER decimated Trent Seven with six consecutive powerbombs, Tyler Bate suddenly exploded back onto the scene and attacked The Ring General and his cohorts. General Manager Johnny Saint and Assistant to the General Manager Sid Scala determined on the spot to make a match between WALTER and Bate for NKT UK’s top prize at TakeOver: Cardiff!

Don’t miss what is sure to be a titanic collision for the championship at TakeOver: Cardiff, streaming live on Saturday, Aug. 31, at 2 p.m. ET/7 p.m. GMT on the award-winning WWE Network.

WWE NXT UK – July 31
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Although General Manager Johnny Saint & Assistant to the General Manager Sid Scala kicked off the latest episode of NXT UK to talk about the upcoming TakeOver: Cardiff event — coming to WWE Network on Saturday, Aug. 31 — they were quickly silenced by the imposing emergence of Imperium.

In the wake of their recent tirade to assert their dominance, United Kingdom Champion WALTER spoke for the faction and demanded to know who was left to challenge him. He didn’t have to wait long for his answer, as Tyler Bate suddenly exploded onto the scene.

After a vicious assault by Imperium took Bate out of action several weeks ago, the first-ever United Kingdom Champion reentered the “sacred” squared circle like a house of fire and engaged The Ring General and his cohorts.

As officials and competitors tried to restore order, Saint and Scala determined on the spot to make a match between WALTER and Bate for the illustrious title at TakeOver: Cardiff!

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WWE NXT UK – June 19
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In an interview with Radzi, it was announced that in 2 weeks, British Strong Style will challenge for the NXT UK Tag Team Championships.

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WWE NXT UK – June 12
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Imperium def. British Strong Style; Wolfe joins the ranks of “Absolute Power”

After Marcel Barthel & Fabian Aichner helped WALTER retain his WWE United Kingdom Championship against former titleholder Pete Dunne and formed Imperium with the dominant titleholder several weeks earlier, British Strong Style came together to declare war on “Absolute Power.”

In the midst of all-out chaos in their subsequent matchup, the referee suddenly caught sight of a masked figure making his way to the ring, a distraction that led to the official being inadvertently knocked out of the action. The unidentified individual then entered the squared circle to reveal himself as Alexander Wolfe!

Without further warning, Wolfe planted Bate with a powerbomb heard ‘round the world and cleared the way for Barthel to pick up the three-count. In the aftermath, Wolfe posed with his new allies, apparently as the newest member of Imperium!

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Tyler in Men’s Health UK
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Tyler is featured in the July 2019 issue of Men’s Health UK. Tyler has a two page spread in the magazine discussing how he built his body.

The issue is available to purchase now in the UK.

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Video: British Strong Style targets Imperium
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Moments after a brawl breaks out between Imperium and British Strong Style, Pete Dunne, Tyler Bate & Trent Seven reemerge determined to bring the fight to their new adversaries.

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